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Nara™ Native Turf Testimonials

See what people have to say about Nara™ Native Turf.

Landscape Professionals

"A terrific grass, doesn't require much water. Fine textured like Couch but no major maintenance problems. A glaucus blue colour. Keeps good colour. A nice soft texture."

- Dean, Urban Roots

"I have just used the new Nara grass on a seaside site with second line salt. It is really doing well!! Thanks to Ozbreed!"

- Bev, Bev's Garden Creations

Nara Native Turf | Australian Native Grass

Home Owners

"The turf blends in to the surrounds very well. Being on acres, we didn't want an artificial looking 'turf' as many of them are, rather something which blended in to the surrounding native grasses. Nara does the job very well."

- Carol, NSW

"It has taken up so well. Very very hardy.
Looks as green as everything. Very happy
with its performance."

- Marlies Bower, QLD

"I love my Nara lawn, we spend a lot of time playing and sitting on it. Its soft to sit on, extremely durable and a beautiful lawn to look at. I wanted an Australian native grass and I am so happy with the Nara turf, we have grass parrots visiting the lawn and it has a character unlike any other lawn I've had."

- Alex Green,Vic

"Wouldn’t substitute it for anything else, also keep watering for the first 3 weeks and a bit more under the shade. Do not forget to cut it the first time on 3 to even it up, after that move notch up to 4 on your lawn mover and have a green Nara fun."

- Mills Ristic, Vic

"For over two years now we have had Nara turf installed on our nature strip. I was never really into lawn that much until now. In the warmer months of the year we have this thick, lush, fine bladed lawn...

Another impressive feature I am too pleased to mention is that I only need to mow twice a year, once in early October and again in February. A light trim in between could be given for the tidier look but I happen to like it left in its natural state.

Well done Ozbreed for growing a truly remarkable turf."

- Karl Sharp, NSW


Nara Native Turf blended in to the surrounding native grasses very well. | Zosia Macrantha